Soil environmental protection law included in the legislative plan

Said Wu Xiaoqing

, Vice Minister of Ministry of environmental protection 8, NPC and CPPCC at the press center held a press conference, water, air and soil pollution is the environmental protection work involves the vital interests of the people focus on efforts to solve the problem.

soil environmental protection law has been included in the legislative plan of the NPC, has formed a draft. I will work with relevant departments to further intensify efforts to speed up the legislative process, to provide better legal protection for soil environmental protection and pollution control." Wu Xiaoqing said.

Wu Xiaoqing said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of soil pollution. In January last year, the general office of the State Council issued a notice of the recent work on the protection of soil environment and comprehensive management arrangements. Ministry of environmental protection is stepping up the preparation of soil environmental protection and pollution control action plan. This is the second air pollution action plan and the preparation of the water pollution action plan after another key pollution control plan.

"this plan of action to ensure the safety of agricultural products and healthy living environment as a starting point to improve the soil environment quality as the core, by strengthening the legal system construction, efforts to curb the tendency to expand the soil pollution, protect human health and environmental safety." Wu Xiaoqing said that the action plan emphasizes the increase of soil pollution control and soil use of environmental regulation, to protect the safety of agricultural products, increase soil environmental quality monitoring, strengthen pollution control and remediation."