The city’s passenger transport industry to carry out winter transportation safety production inspect

to do a good job in our city winter road passenger transport safety, to protect the safety of life and property, according to the November 8th national traffic transportation safety work conference held in our city, with winter transportation safety situation, winter transportation safety work immediately for the passenger transport enterprises carried out the arrangements, then organize someone to the urban areas 24 Road passenger transport enterprises to conduct a comprehensive inspection dragnet.

inspection team carefully reviewed the safety rules and regulations of the passenger transport companies, security risks investigation, safety education, etc.. From the inspection situation, each enterprise for passenger transportation safety in winter to pay attention to it from the thought, safety regulations system, in accordance with the relevant requirements of safety hazards investigation mechanism, including people, vehicles, road and environment (climate), many factors such as transportation safety hazards investigation work, in particular, is worthy of praise benling as Quik company, always adhere to the safety education system to carry out two times a month, and achieved good results.

According to the actual situation of the inspection, the

inspection group combined with the characteristics of winter passenger transport in our city, put forward the corresponding requirements:

is a business organization all passengers in batches to carry out full safety education, the national transportation safety work conference and I "notice" on the strengthening of the winter road passenger transport safety work as learning content of safety education held a special meeting, and make a record of the meeting and sign;

two is the bus station to strictly implement the relevant provisions of station management, effectively assume the responsibility of three checks supervision ", to ensure that the" three no stop, five could not stand such as the implementation of the provisions, to prevent overcrowding of passenger vehicles and prevention station station safety accident;

three is required to develop GPS management system and reward and punishment measures, and give full play to the function and role of GPS, to further strengthen the dynamic management of vehicles;

four is to require the passenger transport enterprises annual safety hazards investigation and management situation in December 10th before reporting to me.

in the inspection process, the relevant enterprises to reflect the large, Xi Bao class line has more than ten vehicles have been scrapped, still outside the station showmanship operations, there are serious security risks, has instructed the inspection team and the Huangzhong County transportation management to track inspection, serious processing.