The Xining municipal government work conference improper mediocre officers lazy officer honest and d

"we promise the municipal government leadership on the direction to take the lead, in the hard work to take the lead in, said Li Li line should take the lead in maintaining unity, to take the lead, to take the lead in clean politics, please Comrades over us." The afternoon of April 25th, vice secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo in the municipal government work conference stressed to hundred-percent to implement the spirit of the two plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Council, the provincial government work conference and the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the thirteen plenary session of the three, the improper mediocre officers, not lazy officer, honest and diligent people, do against oppose formalism, bureaucracy, against inefficiency, oppose extravagance and waste.

Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, municipal committee, deputy mayor Yan Shujiang and vice mayor Liu Tianhai, Xu Guocheng, Jin Jiuchen attended the meeting.

Wang Yubo stressed the need to understand the situation, strengthen clean government work sense of responsibility and urgency; to summarize the work, strengthen the construction of the system of government to stimulate confidence and courage; to focus, to promote the government system clean government and anti-corruption work in depth development; to strengthen leadership, to ensure the construction of clean government and anti corruption has made new achievements.

Wang Yubo stressed the need to promote clean government and anti-corruption work carried out in depth, to focus on four aspects of work. First, to further transform the government functions, the right to clean up the responsibility, increase supervision. Two is to further standardize the operation of power, strengthen the construction of institutional mechanisms to achieve full coverage of risk prevention and control, the implementation of the provisions of honest government, deepening government affairs. The three is to further change the style, and carry out pragmatic honest people as the main content of the mass line of educational practice, mediocre, lazy governance, scattered governance, rule extravagance, improve work efficiency, improve the development environment, improve public satisfaction. Four is resolutely investigate and deal with violations of law and discipline cases.

on how to further change the style, Wang Yubo stressed the need to do four objections". First, we must oppose bureaucracy and close ties with the masses. Improper mediocre officers, always adhere to the "public interest first", advocate "field work", many research questions, often reflect the gap, do more timely assistance. Two to oppose formalism and correct unhealthy practices. Effectively solve the spirit of slack, pioneering and innovation is not enough, the work style is lax, undisciplined, service awareness is not strong, poor work attitude, work style floating, fine enough problem. Three, we must oppose the low efficiency and strengthen the efficiency construction. Do not be lazy, lazy government officials. To the overall situation in mind the spirit, and aggressive, fine management method, practical and realistic attitude, strict work rules, to ensure the smooth implementation of government decrees, Every order is executed without fail., improve work efficiency. Four to oppose extravagance and waste, rigorously enforce thrift. To be careful, too tight, spend money to promote economic development, improve people’s livelihood and other places most in need. With more and more fine dare to play the spirit of pragmatic style, more innovative, more effective measures to the full state, honest to perform their duties, for the construction of people’s satisfaction with the "life of the city, the city of happiness" to create a delicate gas is the administrative environment! (author: Sheng Nan)