The show opens our eyes

August 31st, the reporter saw in the South International Convention and Exhibition Center, the first Cordyceps festival held not only attracted the participation of various businesses from the province, but also attracted a lot of foreign businessmen and tourists. People in twos and threes gathered in front of the exhibition, or to ask the staff to identify the true and false Cordyceps, or on their own goods and exhibitors interested in bargaining…….

Zhang from Shaanxi visited the booth one by one, he said, Cordyceps festival held well, here to learn a lot of knowledge about cordyceps. Now on the market a lot of fake Cordyceps, I do not know how to identify, here today also learned to identify the authenticity of a lot of harvest.

exhibition hall, you can see a lot of other provinces booth, can attract so many businesses in the provinces, mainly Qinghai provincial Party committee, the provincial government to build a good platform. Lu Yonghua, executive vice president of Tibet Cordyceps cordyceps. He told reporters that a lot of businesses in particular the recognition of the exhibition, we come out is to hope that through such a platform, so that more Cordyceps enterprises stand higher, go farther. At the same time, you can also use this platform and excellent enterprises from around the more exchanges between peers. Lu Yonghua said that the delegation to participate in the green exhibition is to learn the model of Qinghai, the development of our local industry, improve their conditions. (author: Sun Zhaoming)