The site is hang a horse is my blessing in disguise

for the second question, I open the web site, and found no new ads, no popups. Is the business into the wrong website or business computer poisoning? But when I put the cursor to a picture on the website, actually appeared in advertising, the first feeling is our site was linked to horse. Then I called the business phone, answer: our website has been linked to horse. Business answer is very simple, so what time are you ready to contact.

in 2010 and a few friends cooperation made a women’s website, the website is the main content, the female beauty trend information supplemented by knowledge, while also taking into account some delicacy information. Because it is a clear division of team operations, site operations less than a year on IP over 2W. The site began to put on the GG and love of Shanghai alliance advertising, each person has more than 1000 monthly income. Soon, there is a business initiative to come to the website all buy monthly advertising. Because it is the female aspect of website, advertising value is relatively high, the monthly income of more than GG and the love of Shanghai alliance, after deducting expenses of each person and the income of more than 3000. More important is very stable. We are very satisfied, after all we are doing part-time station.

for the business of the question, I first analyze website traffic, the months of site traffic has been rising, the highest IP reached more than 3W. No change of what love Shanghai and noble baby to flow, keywords ranking is normal. Just enter the URL of the flow increases, estimation is the reason many people of the. We identified the businesses through advertising revenue decline was not out on the site but in the business, including advertising and sales business.

night called this website with friends on YY to deal with this problem, the first requirement >


site was linked to horse, causing economic losses to our website, as can be imagined, the first reaction is to use legal weapons to safeguard our interests. Through the web site on the display of advertising and advertising to find the source code: visual alliance. Immediately find the customer service phone call in the past, telling them it was their website advertising alliance into our website, give us a huge losses, I asked to make compensation. Young customer service MM was frightened, immediately find technical personnel to their analysis on technology alliance. Registered users find information through advertising code, when the person told me that the name I nearly fainted. This person is a member of our website.

but last month suddenly received a business phone, said cooperation is no longer done this month. This is no doubt that we are a big hit. The site is the only income businesses rely on monthly advertising. After a detailed communication and business telephone just understand, last month invested in our business through the website of the large decline in advertising revenue, and businesses also pointed out that our website also put additional advertising (the original and the businesses we signed the agreement on advertising commitments only put in the advertisement). I promise 24 hours will give him a satisfactory answer.