Set the navigation system of the website structure optimization techniques in


from the user’s perspective, the second best guess the user’s navigation to the next target, the user led to his ultimate goal. Is the navigation to some guiding role, we can through the rational allocation of the navigation type name, add links, in the text to guide the user collection button, related products recommendation, search box and so on to guide our customers to do. For example, the following figure:

first, we set the time to try to use text navigation is the most common HTML can, in the navigation navigation links don’t take pictures with FLASH, no, JavaScript generated navigation system and don’t use, because if you so, the search engine is an obstacle, it is our navigation system the site within the chain of the most important, we can use the CSS, designed the effect is also good, the background and text colors can be changed, there comes the drop-down menu

from Shanghai Longfeng perspective mainly pay attention to five points: text navigation settings, and home page click distance control and navigation in how to set the keywords, use breadcrumb navigation and footer do not accumulate. The following small series to the webmaster about exactly how to operate.

is the last, footer words, search engine is very disgusted with the footer accumulation. "

second, control of the inside pages and home page click distance, in the end is how much distance for good? Three words: flat. To reduce the link level, to reduce the link level, user experience and the number of page links don’t add too many links. This page from the home page click will not be more than four or five times.

again, do not stack keywords in anchor text navigation, directly connected to the target page, so try to use keywords to target classification name naming. Webmasters use breadcrumb navigation will make the site structure is very clear, we strongly recommend the use of this navigation, especially large and medium-sized websites.

webmaster, you for the navigation system of the website structure optimization settings in the know? Navigation system settings will have significant impact on the website optimization. Let’s do the navigation target more clear, more in line with the user experience. A bit of humanity, with car navigation site navigation function almost, indicate the object, so we have to consider how to navigate the system from two aspects.

from the user’s point of view, the first user may enter from any page to our website navigation system to do is to let the user know the clearance of the site where. Because open multiple web sites within the page, the user has already fainted, did not know how to enter this page. So, we’d better the same page in the design style, use breadcrumb navigation can help users accurately judge yourself in what position.