How to obtain the high quality of the chain for site optimization and worry and effort

(three) submitted to the soft release.

is now the Internet, blog marketing is also quite hot, because the original blog can not only enhance the weight of the blog itself, and with the same type of site is reproduced, when we released the original content in the blog with our website links, this blog popularity soared in the weight only at the same time, the website also increased weight and that is a permanent link quality, so we do the independent blog to either acquire or weight of the chain, is an excellent method, here I still suggest that you do the blog, the best is the independent domain name website similar to the kind of weight is the best.

(four) to buy high quality links.

1, when we do Links, every day a day in the quantitative 1~2, step by step, do not do too much time.

said that the quality of the chain, no doubt on the website ranking optimization plays a very important role in the search engine optimization, also Shanghai dragon is widely recognized as a professional. But to obtain the high quality of the chain is not so easy, as we engage in original content. So the author combines several years working experience of their own station, summed up some methods of fast acquisition of high quality and convenient chain, and experiments were also carried out, the effect is good, to share with you today, if there is a better way to welcome us webmaster.

recently with the search engine algorithm to carry out the adjustment of chain into traditional forms we have survival has been far behind the times. After the study, with the industry import links, given the weight sharing effect is extremely high, the search engine is also extremely affirmed. But for many new Adsense, unable to determine the weight of a chain of fast, after all, a chain of bad words will be affected, so pay much attention to this one, so in addition to ranking, snapshot and PR, according to friends of the chain in the recommendations to you two.

(two) into the blog link independent keywords.

marketing, is widely used in the Internet, exposure rate, reprint rate, enhance brand awareness quickly, the quality of the chain also increased faster, the benefits can be described as a big. And soft with its own application writing is relatively simple, and then insert the appropriate links, it is also easy for users to accept, so that marketing is a very good method. After all, reproduced, weight and the chain is brought in, is of great help to the ranking naturally.

some time ago the "hot link" believe that many webmaster all know, after the author’s research amount to buy a >

2, when we exchange Links, must control the quantity, generally within 50 of the best, too much, the weight is also affected.

The topic of

(1) quality chain.