Wang Baochen Shanghai Longfeng promotion experience learning


in our study before there is a very important question to think about yourself, don’t ask yourself is not suitable for learning Shanghai Longfeng, when Ma predecessors Ma Huateng pioneering predecessors they should never thought they can succeed? At least not thought is not suitable for? So we need to think about is the website construction and the Shanghai dragon is interested in if there is no interest? So what do you want to learn? The interest will be more effective, do not understand their own initiative to know the view, ask friend to understand, do not understand the students know more suddenly at night is troubled by a Shanghai dragon optimization details, clothes jumped in the open computer check. The interest is important.

at the beginning of contact website construction industry, it is the most easy to progress. There is no free lunch, this time we need to do, is to spend a lot of time a little bit to accumulate, one step every day, "

self summary, insisted that victory


but not fast breaking martial arts world, remember the first time to hear this sentence in the Stephen Chow movie where the fire dragon said, then learning website construction, Shanghai dragon is the idea of learning, this is a long process, the need is to limit the power of his will spend their free time, it is also a test of patience and execution, the first time do not worry, you know yourself, know who understand those who don’t understand. Remember to learn from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon heard the words don’t remember clearly, but there is one point, most of the new friends are called to Shanghai dragon can immediately make a lot of money to attract. Wang Baochen is so natural, but I learn Shanghai dragon after all is better, after all, is more than a year in the website construction technology, for the basic things, from the website to the program, art design, typesetting (self typesetting also.) or understand, learning is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng absolute requirements don’t ask, can you make a site independent, at least we should be able to read a part of the HTML code, the. Must understand the HTML code of the best familiar, Shanghai Dragon technology most is used in the website construction of website construction technology if we do not understand, what is Shanghai dragon? Bao Chen suggest that you first start from the HTML code to learn. In addition to learning methods to learn to use the first love Shanghai. Second don’t find some work behind closed doors, the appropriate forum or circle such as some learning QQ groups involved, you may have a problem others lazy answer you, but there are some things you do not understand or do not know the knowledge in other senior conversation although only a sentence, it might be open another window for you (if you haven’t heard of Shanghai dragon, who haven’t heard friends? They don’t know how to learn about it?) Is very necessary.

is interested in interest is very important