Optimization analysis using the advantages and disadvantages of love Shanghai product promotion opti

recently often see a lot of Shanghai dragon Er through their own practice to share "love Shanghai encyclopedia" by the experience, but often write their profit. But if the pass? If the owners repeatedly pass, and repeated in the subsequent increase in external links, will inevitably cause adverse effects. Do not underestimate the effect, or even directly related to the website weight, and even the fate of. I have been in a period of time for the love of their products in Shanghai doing the chain work repeatedly, at the beginning of the momentum is still relatively good, but finally led by K. In the advantages and disadvantages, not all can be the chain through the audit, not all of the chain can not be rejected in artificial attention, what kind of chain can be more easily through the audit, even pass the examination will not have a negative impact,

efficient link, before deciding whether to pay has its value, otherwise will lead to the opposite effect. Liz Ou contact customers, some foreign trade website promotion stationmaster blind love heard seafood, began a frenzied investment in the chain, but the chain is again removed, the last serious directly by drop right K station. Is everyone is so over? No, first of all to say: the account in Shanghai love >

Shanghai: love and caring for their products

three: the chain of diversified development, greedy is the scourge of

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basically love Shanghai products all over the world, if the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai will undoubtedly do love is the best one, large chain in the chain determines its higher ranking, also no ground for blame. On the other hand, love Shanghai for its products and caring, the contents of the second, and after the high ranking is one of its characteristics, once again reflects the weight of their products subject. The chief advantage of its products to increase the site outside the chain and famous degree also can hardly be avoided. Usually in Shanghai, Post Bar know: love, the most obvious, followed by space, Encyclopedia etc.. In these products, all the time there is a lot of the chain, many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er deliberately. In the love of Shanghai products, and accumulated a lot of the site outside the chain, the weight is rocketing.

two: Shanghai dragon tutorial on twisted


four: how efficient you leave the chain

in website optimization company, a lot of people mentioned by love their products to Shanghai site optimization, such as "Encyclopedia, know, space, Post Bar". But often only words of its advantages and disadvantages in where, just delete the chain only this? Always bad, and love in Shanghai relates to site optimization, improve site weights at the same time, is also easier for the site to bring crowning calamity. So webmaster optimization, to love Shanghai but also how to optimize product selectivity? If you give up, it is less of a resource, and if you stick to the face also may be a loser, this paper made some of their own views in this connection: