The medical industry website content maintenance ideas


2, according to the proportion of the articles do not update your website or pure pure original copy

online editor seen too many responsibilities, how to write articles on the network such as content, each company’s requirements are similar, most of what is around, how to write the title and content words, what to write, how many words, bold keywords appear several times this kind of information. But when it comes to the whole idea of the less. He has also met many doubts, talk about how to update the medical station according to their own experience.

station appear less as far as possible XX XXX the best hospital reputation title content such as writing, science, disease types (the useful information for the user, do not say how good the XXX hospital). 3,5 once your hospital information or local terms. The medical industry is affected by the high degree of concern is also relatively strict audit. Large quantities of medical stand down right after that many medical science class ranking is good and can get some traffic

some people may say, we do medical websites, the main keywords are the optimization of the local hospital with the word part of word of mouth word, if ZhengZhan write disease science class website, no place words with the reputation of the content is not reduced the correlation of whole site? Is this problem as long as the column of disease different in the proper use of some double title can solve

1, the content of !

is a publication in the earlier popular science articles, you >

from my own medical data, website content, title to most of the disease categories, technology class, accounted for the total amount of included more than 80%, while the title for the XX XX XX hospital, XX hospital, the best treatment articles updated in large quantity, but included only accounted for less than 10%.

writing, health science based

search engine to say love is to the original "quality" rather than just the original! Think here is actually love the Shanghai algorithm one is "hot content recommendation" specific not seen official or related theory, but after several tests, now Shanghai hot news or to send user traffic more of the portal content included relatively well.


do people know that the original content is the best, but most people don’t have the time, energy and professional knowledge to write a large number of original articles published. So choose a false original! Strange is still encounter some webmaster update pure original content or included ranking is not good, no, these people are very puzzled. In fact, a simple example will know! Like my style of writing is very poor, published a pure original essays on my own website, never look at a man, but a big network published a very vivid humorous content but the people may see thousands of the reason is very simple! "I have no reputation, writing is not good".