Keywords rapid promotion website ranking selection

with shots of Shanghai Dragon Industry: This is a very common phenomenon, because everyone is holding a top word do go up and look forward to the objective of the Shanghai dragon. But it actually made a fatal mistake, that the site in the absence of any weight, top words may not have good rankings. Unless the word is very rare, no other company to do.

Lanzhou Shanghai Dragon – East Hui van had to Shanghai dragon website has done some analysis, discovered the existence of a large number of unreasonable optimization condition, which is mainly reflected in the following points:

the name of the company as the main keywords of Shanghai Dragon: This is some Shanghai Longfeng novice mistakes, we do know that Shanghai dragon is designed to introduce traffic from search engines, but if the company’s brand awareness is not high, there is no one to search for the name of the company; furthermore, the name of the company will follow the web site overall weight increase, as long as your company is not called Lenovo love Shanghai, then in a period of time after the Shanghai dragon, company name should be in need of optimization, appeared in the first qualifying.

not more than three, and don’t write on the website of the META. This is not only to prevent love Shanghai and other search engines determine cheating, but also can protect the keywords you are doing are not competitors know, thereby increasing the difficulty of Shanghai dragon.

The Top word keyword

the main keywords and target keywords should be used to confirm the good, long tail keywords in site content at any time when added, the following is the Lanzhou Shanghai dragon to Shanghai Longfeng recommend:



above is in the selection of the main keywords, some mistakes made by new Shanghai dragon. We know that the main keyword keywords, target keywords and long tail keywords. Before do Shanghai Longfeng, we need to make a detailed plan for the entire Shanghai Longfeng strategy, namely how much resources and time in the main keywords, how many points in the long tail keywords and target keywords. All these should be before the site has been planned in Shanghai dragon.

keyword selection should be in accordance with the "

site rankings, this is the result of Shanghai dragon technology. As we know, before the discount for a website in Shanghai dragon, you need to first select the main keywords, to locate the site. Keyword selection is a most important link in the whole Shanghai dragon. Because both the construction content, or station optimization external links, are all around the selected keywords.

with more than 3 shots keywords Shanghai Longfeng: this phenomenon is very common in Shanghai dragon industry. Sometimes see website source code Keywords, some even up to ten. Even without any correlation between these keywords. Can you do, of course, but more laborious.