Optimization of Shanghai dragon do not know the secret novice tag tag optimization

sixth: many systems set the tag tag list page URL is dynamic, unfavorable >

this set of tag tags can greatly increase the site list page, can greatly improve the user experience of reading

third: tag tag should not too long nor too short, generally 4 to 6 words more appropriate

tag label is so important, that we set what precautions?


tag list page corresponding to the same class of the link, and the list page is the same, but the content is more accurate, it is easy to be included in the

The first point: love Shanghai!Since the

second: tab collection is the same type of article, greatly improving the user experience, this is just for the love of Shanghai

play a multiplier effect

second: tag tags do not use popular keywords, recommend the use of the long tail word, long tail word competition, also easier to obtain ranking

fifth: tag tag set must be consistent with the theme, or directly use the keywords can also be.

included and so on!

third: as long as the update with a tag word can produce a new page for the increase of the page is very helpful,

tag label, the website is very simple and common, especially in the information station used above more, but for the novice, Shanghai dragon often neglect the label in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon often pay attention to details, details like this can bring different effect to Shanghai dragon, then with you look at the magic effect of tag tags bring


fourth: each article set the number of labels should not be too much, not to abuse the tag label, at least to ensure that each article below tag corresponding to 3-5

first, we look at why the website with tag tags

then, is because of the increase of the label list page, to a different effect on the Shanghai dragon, then take a look at the label list page what is the role of Shanghai Dragon:

user experience algorithm

we update an article, add a label to the article, the label represents the main content of this article mentioned (or keywords of this article), when the other update, also provided with a label, the label will produce a list page the list page content is associated with the label paper. This put the data huge site according to the label classification.

fourth: because the label page user experience better, the content of high similarity, as long as the set list of tags page Shanghai Longfeng details, easier to obtain ranking

love Shanghai

first: do not regularly modify the label, this is love Shanghai on the tag tab of the