Short video sharing Vine co founder quit businessn Qi run work speech

Qi run advertising network alliance has run has been more than four years, the payment on time is not tax deductible credit has been maintained for more than four years, 80 webmaster all know this alliance, after all, is a veteran of the union, in alliance circles have their ingrained status, years of wind and rain came, Qi people run through a lot, from the beginning of the collective resignation to the later all the various Qi Yun also survived, not only did not die in negative information under the oppression, it is growing stronger and become the domestic industry with the big boss


Twitter Carolyn Caroline declined to comment on the personnel changes.

forum have scolded qirun posted, but please those who swear to touch his conscience, why they have tens of thousands of members not to K. But K you No. why Japan made thousands of websites to K, it will K you a day to hundreds of dollars for this station? All the union record straight, if there is no cheating webmaster, advertisers would be better, money will be more and more owners earn more money there is from the GG unit can clearly reflect the problem of

Hoffman caused the industry to Twitter the ability to retain key talent doubts – Twitter a few months ago just listed on the NYSE, the number of employees in more than a year from hundreds of people increased to more than 2000 people, the personnel changes will undoubtedly affect the fate of the choice of the old staff.

Qi run mechanism Penner Pena, spokeswoman for After

in fact, Hoffman began his job transition as early as last November, and his job change was a big surprise for a small video company like Vine. According to the signing of Vine acquired by Twitter terms, is demoted may seriously affect his income from Twitter, but sources said he was not forced to leave voluntarily.

at the same time, the war between Vine and Facebook’s Instagram has also entered the white hot stage. Photo sharing application Instagram in the summer of last year launched a short video sharing directly challenge the Vine, then Vine user growth has slowed. As of August last year, Vine had 40 million registered users, while Instagram’s monthly active users were as high as 150 million, both in size >


Hoffman since the beginning of 2012 since the establishment of the Vine has served as the company’s leader, the sources said after his departure will no longer go to work every day, his career focus to another start-ups in the preparatory work.

08 years many enterprises in winter, large and small enterprises have been closed down, many companies also tightened financial expenses, but Qi run made a so many people think the decision, they reduced their profits, all the advertising price all the promotion, help long get more advertising commission.

can survive and develop Qi run so grow? Because they have a number of outstanding business personnel, this article believe that the 80% owners have been qirun service "harassment", there may be three to five customer service personnel at the same time in the "harassment" of Qi run development today, with this group of hard-working excellent business personnel are inseparable, then think about why only their business people will be so hard? There must be rewarded under the brave, who know this sentence – this is the

reflect on it….. Cheating webmasters….

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January 8th, re/code on the site before the three quoted informed sources said, Twitter’s short video sharing service, co-founder of Vine, Hoffman Dom Hofmann has retired from the post of general manager, will no longer dominate the product development.

Vine was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 still remain independent operators, has about 14 employees in New York, another co-founder and former chief technology officer Colin Kroll Colin Kroll will take over Hoffman’s day-to-day duties. In addition, Twitter also dug from YouTube, product manager Jason Tov Jason Toff as Vine product leader.

said Twitter executives were interested in extending the length of Vine short video currently 6 seconds, but there was no evidence that Hoffman was leaving the office. Twitter’s internal wind on the issue is still unknown, but the Vine team itself has always been flexible about product development.