How to effectively carry out the optimization of enterprises in Shanghai Dragon

2, keywords ranking

two, to achieve the goal through the steps of

Keywords The what is the use?

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, a Shanghai

we can obtain optimal adjustment of Shanghai dragon Guan Jian words ranking, use a variety of techniques to optimize the method, write the title, written descriptions, update the contents of a large number of related content, in do within the chain, keyword layout in the website, the exchange of high weight Links, in some forum sent some of the chain through the forum signature, the soft, classification information chain increases the keyword optimization to the front, to get good rankings, when users enter search keywords will click into organic.

3, bring the flow


to achieve sales is our real system of the target, so to achieve the goal we need to go through several steps:

optimization goal clear Dragon

– keyword ranking — bring flow – sales

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website to obtain a certain rank, title and description is displayed on the search page above, it can attract users to click, bring flow, affect the user click here is the title and description description of the user in this analysis.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization goal is through the keywords ranking and then bring the accurate flow to produce actual sales for the enterprise. The product benefits enterprises sell products or services.

to identify good keywords, must be user search words, on behalf of the user intent keywords most core keywords to represent the user’s purchase intention, which requires us to determine what the user will search keywords in the search engine, is the most representative of the user purchase intention, the website focused on Optimization of several key words get a good ranking.

Shanghai dragon ranking optimization, not only for keywords ranking, or is to get traffic? Some sites in order to cater to the search engine. The pseudo original articles and content, not the user wants to see, can not provide users with value. Even if a user to click on view, the first feeling is this website is deceptive, spam site. So we are tired of optimization keywords ranking

can be said now Shanghai Longfeng is now the highest price of the optimization of network marketing methods, which was one of the hottest hot method, may start optimization specialist, Shanghai Longfeng many enterprises or the boss will think Shanghai dragon is very simple, is the hair of the chain, the article, and not what. You can now update since the love of Shanghai, Shanghai dragon really such? Or misguided Shanghai dragon, is to rank, in order to obtain the IP flow.