Why do we need to optimize the site analysis

After the completion of the Second: to improve the website

: first improve the site experience. Many websites may not take into account the user’s experience in the construction process, site navigation is not very clear, the site does not within the chain net structure of the website, the website content from the theme, these aspects in the process of website construction, owners may not have too much to consider, so in the process of daily maintenance, webmasters need to be optimized to the website, as is appropriate to improve the user experience of the website, website bounce rate, improve the user viscosity website. To improve the user experience of the website is the only way which must be passed to live long.

finally: to improve the internal links. In the first place also said the internal link of the website optimization, in fact, for some large content sites, the construction site in the chain anchor text is very important, a spider powerful within the chain to the site, there are a number of anchor text links a page, is not only powerful within the chain, at the same time you can jump out of the user. But for the construction of a large number of anchor text also have to pay attention to the anchor text and add to the relevant keywords, anchor text >

. The website wants to fully indexed by search engines, optimization operation is indispensable. Site keywords distribution should be reasonable, H tag should be placed the main keywords, keywords to use H1 tags. At the same time, the website appears in the picture you want to add the ALT attribute, so that the spider can identify the picture. The code for the site to be simplified, the website template should be reasonable, the spider web, the best is to grasp our main content, and then grab the label and other classification. Repeat the page at the same time the site should be timely check, too many duplicate pages will lead to site is down right, included in the site of low rate. This site requires a certain optimization, through the optimization to improve the site included, improve the site’s ranking.


construction site requires optimization, optimization, URL optimization, optimization of keywords within the chain, these practices are in good for the optimization of the construction site. Change the webmaster every day at the site to day and night, in order to optimize the website can give better. The website needs to optimize what is

again: improve your weight. When it comes to website weight will think of Google PR, now in addition to Google PR launched webmasters tools like Shanghai weight, regardless of what is the reference standard, these parameters are the weights represent the value of the site. The weight to the value of the website can improve the website, or through some optimization. The weight distribution of the site should be reasonable, for the website on advertising should be appropriate to use the iframe frame, so as to avoid the loss of weight, but here to remind everybody, Links do not use nofollow or JS. Site space to be awesome, access speed will increase the weight of the website of the host. Google PR last night once again updated, the Wikipedia site PR also updated to 5, the weight of the website to improve the peace website optimization is indispensable.