Analysis of weight between the two level domain search engine optimization as the main domain name

in the first part, first look at the domain name weight is high, the impact to the two level domain name. A domain name weight high website, it opens up a new two level domain name website, in fact, and set up a website about the same, that is to say, the two level domain name is in fact the weight of its main domain cannot be inherited, a development level two no matter how high the main domain name, domain name weight of it, want to borrow a high weight of the domain name quickly get good rankings is naturally not realistic. Of course, there may be people will refute me, because the reality is that the high weight of the main domain name two level domain name always has good search engine rankings. Here I want to say is: this phenomenon is not because of this two level domain name domain name weight inherited it, but the main domain name in their pages to the two level domain name do link. Then look at the main domain of punishment, the impact to the two level domain name. The domain name when a website for cheating punished, unfortunately, whether the domain name or the two level domain name, will generally be spared is involved, this is needless to say, there are many webmaster friends have experienced. But this is not absolute, because sometimes the weight will be higher than the two level domain name domain name, its strong shock resistance; and some two level domain name has own independent IP address, in these cases, the two level domain may have survived.

in the second part, first look at the two level domain name weight is high, the impact to the domain name and the other two level domain name. When the weight of the two level domain name high, generally the main domain there is no substantial help, because of the fact that the domain name can also be seen as the so-called www prefix two level domain name. A lot of search engine optimization tutorial will consider the main > www "

many sites are due to various reasons will open two level domain name, some contents of substation, some sub station, others are new sites to two level domain in the form of a completely open and no content between the domain name. In this case, we need to consider in the search engine optimization on the positive and negative weights between these two level domain name and the domain name is how to transfer, because only understand this problem, search engine to make better use of the domain name and website, let two domain names are in a good optimization condition, get a excellent ranking. Before the specific content to carry out, to make it clear the two concepts. One is the concept of the domain name, is a concept of two level domain generally, beginning with WWW domain is the domain name, beginning with other forms of domain name is two level domain name prefix. Of course, this argument is untenable, because in fact for the search engines, two primary domain name and should be relative, but that it is too complicated, that the normal "generally" as the standard began to introduce the following content. The positive and negative influence weight this paper will be divided into two parts to introduce the main domain of Shanghai dragon brings to the two level domain name, and positive and negative weights bring two domain names to the main domain of influence.