Shanghai dragon competition to enemy we can



7 directory depth, for the general business website, the three layer of the directory hierarchy is enough achieve a lot of website function. Business website is different from the major portals, less content. For the search engines, the directory hierarchy is too deep, it is difficult to grasp, so it has a negative effect on your website. >

6, the picture is added to the ALT attribute, pictures and FLASH, JS search engines have not the technology can fully understand the information inside, so the picture is still very necessary to add the ALT attribute

first time, domain name registration, some sites of his domain name registration time early, 04 years, even more than this and front of the domain name, this is also one of the factors of the website ranking.

4, "whether static processing, static page benefits believe that I do not say many webmaster all know, whether it is open or the speed, the burden of the server is very favorable, search engines crawl the page without having to read the database, it saves a lot of trouble.

the enemy awareness, this sentence I believe many people know, this sentence is from a: "sun · seek to attack". It is to defeat the enemy, not only to understand the opponent, but also to understand their own strength, so that even if the battle fight will win. If you don’t know the enemy do not know their own level, in this case, the balance of victory will not belong to you, fight is a risk. This sentence is applied to the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng above is correct, what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon, is to own a website to the search engine ranking home page. The location of the search engine home page is only ten, so we want to own website ranking in the ten position, must be defeated, become one of the ten. When the opponent site, we first need to understand the web site, so that their website can occupy a space for one person in the ten position, then understand the opponent’s website we need to pay attention to what? Today, Li Yang Shanghai dragon about some of their own views, personal feel mainly these aspects:

3, the website label, there are a lot of enterprise website has not written the label, which is leading to many enterprises website even cold words to do the main reason home. Part of the enterprise website title is the name of the company, did not write web site keywords.

5, "if there is H1, H2 tag, H1 tag title role as a web page, but remember one H1 label only, don’t abuse to use H1 tags. It would be unwise.

2, the speed of opening ", some owners in order to save money, buy some foreign host server, what a webmaster with South Korean hosts, or free space, so the site to do a good job ranking, the difficulties are great!