16 Shanghai dragon misunderstanding of the most easily overlooked you in a few

novice due to lack of experience, avoid stuttering when engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon into misunderstanding. Light is the site ranking bad site right down, while the site was K, and even give up work in Shanghai dragon. Personally think that the factors of different industries success are different, and the factors of different industries failure have many similarities, so learn the experience of others fail sometimes than to learn the successful experience of others is also useful. Therefore, this article from the Shanghai Phoenix, optimization of website construction and the chain three aspects are summarized as 16 Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, believe that after a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice seen will be harvested.

2. Many people who work in Shanghai dragon will engage in a variety of different industries, and has engaged in their work on the different positions of Shanghai dragon. Work every day, work intensity is different, do not blindly follow, to choose their own way of working.

two, Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding – Website Optimization

have 1. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, especially started not long after the Shanghai dragon novice, in case of lack of experience to optimize the index above four hundred or five hundred keywords, but also the dream of 2 months will be able to optimize. This is a very unrealistic, and unrealistic behavior. Do everything step by step, don’t want to learn to walk with others

race!Blindly follow

, a Shanghai – Shanghai dragon

2.TAG modification. Because of the early site, no good location of the content of the website, and then revising the title tag, description tags, Keywords tag three TAG tags. This is a lot.

! dragon misunderstanding Keywords

4. give up halfway. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice or lonely, or see other friends get a higher salary, or website ranking drop down right, etc., and then choose to give up easily. Of course, Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ never give up is not good, if you think you have a better choice, you can choose a better; if you think Shanghai dragon is by far your best choice, you will stick to it! After all, there is a saying, "men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman. Lang". Suitable for stick to their own industry encountered when young, not for much change does not matter.

Misunderstanding Shanghai dragon

3. Shanghai dragon and the chain. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice think, the hair of the chain are all working content or is the core content of Shanghai dragon. Actually, a good R Shanghai dragon will pay more attention to the content of the website

1.TAG stack. TAG mainly includes website title tags (Title Tag) (Description Tag), description tags and Keywords tag (Keywords Tag), if a website title tag and description tag repeat Keywords tag, the search engine will be considered cheating.