Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin share some resources can be obtained even outside

network favorites

many people are now in use the forum to go to the company, because the forum can add URL in the signature, just return to a back post, a post, you can get to the outside even here in Shenyang, Yang Lin also visited Shanghai Longfeng forum, forum will organize a lot together to release it effectively, so we have to prepared a forum, then registered. There are many forums are registered.

, a blog site

Hello, I am Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin. Today is to share the resources even get outside. The share of this article, because there are a lot of friends have asked me to go there even. I will tell you something about the place I often go to release even. A good resource is to share the resources, but also to organize.


three, quiz website

network favorites, is a very good choice, common network favorites music collection, Google, Sun Wukong, Killer online, box, particularly a pick nets etc.. But the effect is very good, is visible, you can try.

usually do when even the question, many people will choose to know and love Shanghai, search Q & A, certainly want to know the link in Shanghai is not a simple thing, but if we have mastered the skills, content to answer accurately, or can post up. Soso Q becomes much simpler, as long as the intention to answer the question, the problem with the bottom link, usually through malicious ads, except.


classification information website


classified information website is even a good place, many websites when we release information, the website will have a web address. We add the URL here, write some rich in content, as long as the love of Shanghai included, is an even. And there are a lot of classified information website, are collected, because there are not so many people to release information, to collect some relevant information, so, even I do not know a oh. When we are looking for the classified information website, to find some high weight site, high weight website content can easily be included. Classified information website for example, 58 city and Ganji, people network, edeng, a classified information, net love a band and so on, are very good, also need the classification of information resources can also contact me.


blog is a good place to get even, but the blog will not have much effect, I would like to have more friends and more "blog" this word is not strange, it is the need to keep the blog, but also need to go to business for the common love Shanghai blog space, Sina blog, Sohu blog. NetEase blog, blog bus, blog, blog, blog and so on thunder. It is too much here is not completely out, if the friend in need, you can contact me QQ at the bottom, or in the message can be delegated.