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how to make our manuscript by a higher rate? Some dry cargo less advertising. The webmaster friends should be like Taobao guest hardcore character Jiang Junjun learn to write some of the original article, the best is the real resource sharing, or sharing a solution. Submission of the website I recommend A5, Chinaz, these sites love Shanghai whip Niu Shi, the spider is almost once every ten minutes, as long as the original love, Shanghai will not refuse you. Here to share with you how to take advantage of keywords to create a near perfect title.

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at the end of last year, I shared an article prompted by a sudden impulse in the A5 Forum: "share: 25 dry cargo with anchor text signature high weight forum", the day of the government! PV has more than 500, and is reproduced rate is very high, second days when I was in search of this title basically love Shanghai the first page is reproduced in the article, the article inside my web site, many webmaster is using the acquisition tool collection I direct that article, my website is also behoove, be reproduced. This website of the intangible chain increased by about more than 100, I believe the chain group than those who have it better. After about a month, 2010 is the Christmas day, I stand in the first row of decisive love Shanghai, at that time the customer almost every day, because it is too busy, and without careful analysis of reasons for this ranking rise, so that period of time after the day I still use the old way to get outside Oh, I chain, I hope you learn a lesson, do not like me, so good, I actually missed. Usually to analyses the real cause of the rise and fall of the website ranking, the so-called repaid, this sentence is suitable for our webmaster.

until National Day I collect way to arrange the chain of resources are domain or Yahoo chain query tool to observe some of the large external resources, then the registration, classification, storage chain resources for web site optimization. But when I the same time optimization of more than five sites, even if the chain of the rich in resources but still busy, every day is still very late, did not complete the task. There is some of the chain resources accumulated before and after a period of time may be a failure, I was constantly maintained, relatively maintenance investment chain resources are well worth the time.

twenty-first Century grassroots webmaster needed most, we said the chain resources by common consent, is of high quality, for a long term in Shanghai dragon industry small webmaster, outside the chain of resources is very important, we each optimization a new sites to collect the chain limited time and energy is not allowed. Small webmaster is not easy, I believe you are like me, every day is after 1 a.m. before they lie down, in fact, what we have to do this do not have to spend so much time to do, how to summarize the accumulate resources as long as we usually have the plan, since the rankings can in fact be easier.