What are the importance of the tag label in Shanghai Dragon

A keyword in the online

had used the tag tag, as we all have Sina blog, NetEase blog, publish articles in the column have automatic access to the button above the label, the beginning did not know what the specific use, beginning what silly also do not understand, what is the use of tag tags. Slowly approached, will publish a blog in the NetEase and Sina click automatic acquisition label, a good way to increase the exposure rate. There appears, for example, we often use Taobao off, remember in the search into the general search will also appear in the popular tag, which is to give the user a good index of direction, these give us that is directly to a new, we, index direction.

whether the blog or forum, the number of tags do not have too much, the too detailed, it is easy to feel a lot of junk pages, the label is also should apply to don’t abuse, for example, the rope will always pull more of their own, is not easy to walk, the label is for our service the commonly used label series is undoubtedly a scenery.

on the tag label, looking for information online, see a lot of visitors said tag is actually a choice of words, for example you search a website based in Shanghai and Phoenix, then the "Shanghai Phoenix foundation" is a tag, he will make this site all about Shanghai Longfeng article all show in front of you and let you think about it, tag has a very strong polymerization; then we own their website, summed up the tag label written, and reference for the visitor, but also find, tag tags do not casually, because it is also a category on behalf of, let’s say you have a classification on the basis of Shanghai Longfeng class ", so in the" Shanghai Dragon Foundation "this category below, you can have a lot of labels, such as" Shanghai dragon why "(the In Shanghai dragon why article), in other categories there are Shanghai dragon why article, then by Shanghai dragon why tag articles in two categories again together, increase the viscosity, so the tag label must be fine, just fine to more clearly everyone’s access movements and habits, have a lot of friends as a directory, in fact, is also a kind of label classification, if the directory is a continent, then the label is a string, each link.

I think

that has the existence of the tag you blog, blog is about classification labels than small, always wanted to write a paper about the importance of tag tags, because the most easily overlooked in the web site is tag tags, although very small, but the effect is very great.

tag tags also belong to your site, such as coagulation, the label in my own blog, then the se index will be >.