The three is the new line optimization

do not be eager to release the chain, the chain should pay attention to the quality of

In fact,

may we do in the optimization work for a period of time, included snapshot, website is not good, but not too impatient, as long as your site structure is reasonable, the content is healthy, you must be out of love of Shanghai "sandbox", you need to have some patience.

began after optimization

keyword stuffing can not be too dense

Do not frequent revision of the The

outward first, for the new station, update the content, enrich the website is the first one. If a web site does not have enough rich content, do not rush to release the chain, the best that the spider first came to the site when they found this site very full, very worthwhile to "feeding", will be more active after the visit.

we all know that new sites in Shanghai’s eyes do not trust love any more, so easily lead to resentment of the love of Shanghai. And now the rubbish site increased, love Shanghai on new sites is more sensitive. Because of the love of Shanghai for the new sensitive attitude, so do the new optimization, is the 3 most important words: not excessive. But in the actual process of the optimization, so the three act is to be avoided:

new station on the line, the most taboo is frequent revision, because the spider to adapt and evaluate a new station takes time, frequent revision, will only cause a spider, the spider will not last may fall in love with your website.


Shanghai Dragon technology is getting more and more attention in the field of electronic business, a lot of people have started in the early days of the site began to consider the optimization of the details, perhaps because it is too much to consider the optimization work, but led to a lot of new early performance is not ideal, even long time not out of love of Shanghai the review period. In fact, the optimization of new sites, there is more attention.

of course, at the beginning of the website optimization work, you should ensure that your site is the internal structure on the basic sound, can guarantee the smooth flow of the spider crawling, then there will not be a big change.

keyword stuffing is helpful for ranking, but to the railway station, not a pile of excessive keywords. Because at this point, Shanghai is particularly sensitive to the new love, it is looking to stand quality content, if a page of your site keywords stack too much content is not "real", easily lose love trust in Shanghai.

for the new station, there is no need to do early stack keywords, because you have to stack, ranking or not to go, after all, the website weight is very low. And now the keyword density to the influence of the ranking is more and more small, rely on this ranking is not enough to support the keywords. The new station is the most important job is to get the love of Shanghai trust, slowly the ascension of the weight, and then start to details.