How to reduce the priority among priorities of Shanghai dragon website jump out rate

content is always the first elements of the website content to attract visitors, not only need high readability, but also some novel and unique, to express their views, to let visitors can experience something from your website content in. The current hot spots you can also add some humor and society from time to time, he would blame the fire.

We see agreement"

remember: not others, the content should not detract from the fact that curry favour by claptrap;, in rhetoric, around the core content your site to start the appropriate extension.

Zac blog streamlined navigation website, the purpose, and the title of the article.


1. first let others know what you are saying what

3. to your "employer"

when analyzing data, often pay attention to the website jump out rate problem. This is also the author of a has been more attention, out of low indicating the content of your website can attract visitors, your content is useful to him, on your site must at the same time, also brought the old visitors to your website, we have seen a lot of knowledge is how to improve the customer experience, and discuss the the problem it would calm down, look at how to reduce the site out rate. Because my site (leyuanbaby贵族宝贝) has recently been punished, but it also makes me from this process, I have learned some things missing.

to hit the nail on the head, to keep you want to keep people.

besides, you should also provide a simple navigation, navigation should be eye-catching, simple and easy to use, remember to repeat options, the use of difficult navigation appears.

2. unique insights into the "


to highlight the title. If a person can see the title that this is not his food, you would think he would look into the content? That is to say you want to highlight your center in the title, such as you do the virtual machine, then you have to profile and product virtual machine on the home page, if not put some the content, who can see? If your site has a reputation, you must pay attention to this, because he’s heard of your website just came in, the first eye could not find his knowledge, I don’t think he will come second times! Let us take a look at the name ding ding Zac blog.


the customer is God, if you don’t want your users to watch less than thirty seconds in the top right corner, you are best to satisfy all his requirements, of course, we can’t satisfy everyone’s request, if someone to your site search related content, but you can not provide this time? If you don’t give him the "sweetness", he will close your web pages, you have to remember that there is a function call.