How to choose a good forum outside the chain

four, the registered forum has been collated and published articles, the best in the relevant sections. Of course, in order to save time, can all the forum the same article (mostly forum special irrigation or advertisement plate, if some forum conditions more limited, just to find a separate article in their forum plate)

five, every time the article is analyzed, which recorded the piece which the forum included the highest rate, included the most long (this will be a long time before we know) later in those sections.

forum for resolution.

, how to find a forum, can proceed from the following aspects: 1, love Shanghai, you can find hundreds of old webmaster recommended forum. 2, with the chain query tool chain analysis of competitors, see BBS first preserved, of course is the best time for DOMIS, a find. 3, to each big forum, see their Links (such as A5, you can find a lot of other webmaster forum). This method is easy to find a good kind of forum, the two is to find a forum for this forum relative quality is almost the same, that is to say good.

Two, choose the

forum. To collect the forum to conduct a preliminary arrangement, first conduct a comprehensive check on this forum, we can see that they are today included, a week included, and included all included january. Then you look at them into their forum, forum, look at them one day probably made a number of posts, the contrast today included, see the collection rate high, that included rate is greater than 50% of the forum is reserved. With the January included included compared with the total, we can see that this forum articles included long average (i.e. 4W included, the total 6W included, can be analyzed, included articles about 1.5 months) is generally recommended to be close to 2 months and above the forum is reserved. The forum post analysis, see the forum article can take signature links, can use Discuz code, the two kind! As long as one can be on the line (some need to reach a certain level in order to use the signature line)

how to choose a good forum outside the chain

to do the Shanghai dragon, the chain is very important, especially for Google optimization in terms of this. No resource for our small webmaster, and don’t have the money to do outside the chain, and the forum is that we do the best place outside chain. Here, Xiao Xu to choose how to take good forum for analysis.

three, the forum registration and testing, recommended that the forum account is the same, remember, after posting log faster, then the username is the best English, save some strict point forum moderators are easy to remember you. The registration is good, look at the user groups and permissions. Look under the integral gain and integral grade. With the best registration can if signature, level limit, analysis, about what you want to achieve the work, can be used, if the conditions are too harsh, give up.