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still have a future as a Taobao customer? This is a problem that many API Taobao passengers and single page Taobao passengers are concerned about. Some have given up, and some have struggled. Looking at the meager income every day, or even a meal before meals. The future of the road is very confused, think Taobao customers this profit model has come to an end. And now to say the beauty, mogujie, dolphin said that the rise of this social Taobao passengers, for doing a single page Taobao shock is very large. And I think, do Taobao customers still still have money. In a rapidly changing Internet era, we should seize every opportunity for transformation, and the socialization of Taobao customers is a way of transformation and innovation. The following I would like to talk about their future socialization of Taobao customers some insights.

‘s past Taobao customers made it difficult for users to become permanent customers of your site, often earning one-off money. It’s easy to forget when you come, and you don’t have a sustainable source of income. This is also a headache for Taobao customers. Social Taobao is different. Have a group of like-minded people here with you. Here you can share your favorite products, or you can change the products recommended by others. You can also build your own interest group to share shopping experiences and use experiences. This will greatly increase the user’s stickiness, so that users purchase rate, conversion rate further enhanced. For these loyal users, often share to friends around, which is also an excellent promotional brand for the website.

Robin Li: an American professor’s words stimulate entrepreneurship


I just came to America, the language is not very smooth, but the key is I turned professional, I was at the University of North America in Information Science, computer science major, I saw a professor’s graphics project application into his laboratory, he asked me some questions, some I didn’t quite understand some of the problems, I really do not know, so the answer is not good, he asked me what the last question? He asked: Chinese have a computer? I felt very hurt, because of my own questions is not good, cause American professors are beginning to suspect Chinese have computer. It is also because such a thing makes me feel that one day must make a career in the field of computer.

introduction: This paper inventory of Chinese Internet giants young entrepreneurial attitudes, to see how they survive? Robin Li: the words of Professor Ma Huateng: used to stimulate entrepreneurship; money to sell; Ma: even if all 24 against me do; Ding Lei: domain name registration work inspired by telecom……






is a business, talk about the topic. Even now in the Internet industry bigwigs also summon wind and call for rain, had "grass root" period of entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial success is a stick to a close call. In the time of entrepreneurship, big brothers have also experienced hardships, but also gave birth to the heart of life. The inventory of foreign Internet giants young entrepreneurial attitudes for you, to see how they stick to the

1998, Ma Huateng left the runxun communication with a sum of money and 5 classmates stocks earned co founded the Tencent computer system Co. Ltd., with the Internet business enthusiasm, primary Tencent began looking for the development space in the network and paging.

Ma Huateng:

two helps to communicate with users of the same interest

wanted to sell when she was short of money

‘s single page Taobao site has been unable to meet the needs of the public. And beautiful says, mogujie this kind of big and whole website is concerned to our individual stationmaster, it is a workload again very big content. It is our only way to find a way out of diversity. Like mogujie has launched a family of home decorating and soft mushrooms. And Sina has also launched a vertically differentiated home shopping sharing community pomegranate network. Visible in this respect there are still many opportunities for the webmaster to dig and explore. Such as mother and baby, food, pets and so on.

with the current electricity supplier in China’s fiery, many electronic business platform also launched its own social Taobao customers. A lot of people worry that Taobao has launched its own social Taobao, and it will be bad for its website. I want to say that there is no need to worry. As long as Ali does not fall, Taobao will certainly support these sites to serve Taobao. Only in this way, Taobao’s market cake will do more. Who will give up Adsense free publicity for their own platform?. Hope that in the future there will be more electricity suppliers to join the Taobao platform. Only competition in the market, will stand this industry has become passionate, dynamic, it is conducive to the development of the industry as a whole.

Internet wind and rain >

this thing has gradually become my ideal – to change the world with my own technology. This ideal should be said that it has not been finished yet, but I am approaching the ideal step by step every day. Some people say that because my wife picked up the dishes in the garden, I returned home to start business, but in fact, not traced to the source, it was a professor of the United States at that time a word, let me more motivated to do this thing.

one, vertical, fine differentiation will be the way out,

that year, the Internet industry in China is in the early stages of prosperity, Internet users only 3 million, less than the current fraction. Like many Internet Co that have just started, money and technology have been the biggest problems for Tencent Inc. "We have to make a necessary working capital and go around at night," Ma Huateng "