Love Shanghai on whether the keyword density is still fond of

most of the time, we found that others website, keyword density is 0, but the ranking is still very good, like the site map, the density is far from the minds of the webmaster friends 2% to 8% of the index, but the ranking is very good, it can explain the love of Shanghai do not pay attention to the keyword density? No, a the website ranking is not a target site and decide, but by an index to determine the overall site keywords ranking, such as the title of the website, website structure, content, outside the chain, but the content and the chain which is still the most important part of Shanghai dragon, because we found many words of the site with the site is irrelevant, but the ranking is very good, this time to be sure, but this site has a certain weight, gave the keywords do the anchor Text links. For multiple keywords appear their web site www.weijiaqimo贵族宝贝 in the inflatable toys, are not deliberately appeared, because the site with these products are very relevant, can not appear, in fact, an eye can see. To take a look at the screenshot:



now, many owners still pay much attention to the density, always think of ways to look inside the keywords, the purpose is to let its density increases, the density of 2%-8% is still deep in the memory of many webmaster. At the bottom of the site accumulation keywords phenomenon still exists, every one of the words have to do it on the anchor text for the link to the home page, you might say that the keyword ranking is very good, can not find you love Shanghai.

is my observation, the keyword density of more than ten percent is also very common, but it has not been in love with the sea K, keywords ranking and no good, just not only shows the keyword density of keywords ranking effect is too large, not like before, only the density can be directly to a key to the. But if an article has repeatedly appeared in a keyword that this article is a description of the keywords of the article, certainly there will be a certain weight for the correlation between the love of Shanghai. For this I think keyword density, sometimes occur naturally, don’t try to "

love Shanghai algorithm unceasing change, many webmaster friends have experience greatly for this, some experience and methods of a few years ago to now, Shanghai dragon is perhaps a means of cheating, the most obvious is the keyword density at this moment, two years ago, the weight of love Shanghai for key words given very high density many webmasters will use this time, can add keywords to the site, now love Shanghai algorithm changes, the weight for this keyword density are given as before, and even many webmaster friends think keyword density has no what, is it true?