Suitable for small and medium sized enterprises do several methods of search engine marketing

I would like to talk about the concept of search engine marketing, what is the search engine marketing? Search engine marketing referred to as SEM, is based on the use of search engine users, users retrieve information using the opportunity possible marketing information to the target user. Use this way to increase the company’s brand exposure, thus increasing the effective flow of the site, and then get more potential customers, and promote more transactions. Search engine marketing his core idea is to let users find information through the Internet platform, and through the click into the website for more information. So how to make good use of the Internet entrance of the ocean

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: first PPC

third: classified information

classified information that everyone is familiar, like: Ganji, people network, 58 city and so well-known classification information network. Free release information in these platforms can release information search engine is almost a wonderful collection, and use these high weight platform most of our information can appear in the search results page of the first page.

" in Shanghai Longfeng believe that many business leaders have heard, and in recent years has been in the domestic hot popularity, has also been recognized by the vast number of small and medium enterprises. Because he can get a stable ranking with the lowest investment. Shanghai dragon and relative to the search engine marketing. He is a search method and a means of marketing the core engine.

unisignflex Shanghai dragon that the general small and medium enterprises as long as do the following can achieve a certain effect of search engine marketing:


Before the beginning of the


method has many advantages, but everything has two sides, if you don’t know how to get the maximum benefits with the least money, so that PPC can only give you endless money, until you disappointed on ppc.

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believes this topic many people want to know, also believe that many people are trying to implement a. But I want to say here is that we really understand the search engine marketing? Really know how to do search engine marketing? How to understand the search engine marketing or allow the company to achieve profitability? Unisignflex Shanghai Longfeng not just, today to talk about this topic.

second: Shanghai dragon

competitive ranking method and means is the most immediate, as long as you set the promotion account, set up to promote the keywords, then these specific keywords in the search engine will immediately see, with the fastest speed and the best way to show in front of your potential customers.

although the Shanghai dragon is very magical, very effective, but to do a good job in Shanghai dragon is not so simple a thing, the ideas and methods of the right he needs, strong execution, in addition to the details of the control. None of these is still Shanghai dragon fable.