The acquisition of search search integrated sequel how to play


search engine integration

is a search engine, in the view of the square dimension network, its core assets are mainly five. One is the brand equity, which belongs to the intangible assets, can be estimated according to the search engine market share; one is technical assets, mainly is to search the proprietary technology and intellectual property, different search engines search technology will certainly exist differences. One is personnel assets, namely the search engine operations team, including agents in different regions. One is the customer resource assets, namely in the search engine advertising advertisers. A search is affiliated the content of assets, such as Wikipedia, ask and so on. Therefore, the integration between search engines, it is the integration of five assets. Integration and customer resources between the two operations team more easily, and technology integration is more difficult, this is because the search technology is a new undertaking and continuity of the technology, it is difficult to achieve short-term blend of two kinds of technology. Brand asset integration efforts, depends on two search engines with the cooperation of the determination.

The 3721 day: 3721

before the merger soso and Sogou, the search engine industry has also undergone a series of mergers and acquisitions. M just give money, less money, just a prelude. The integration is work, work is serious, things far more difficult to sign an agreement. So, we may wish to review the cases of the integration between search engines.

search engine integration episode



integration achievements of Zhou Hongyi Zhou Hongwei in 2003, to $120 million will be sold to YAHOO in 3721. 3721 to search business in network. With the help of YAHOO search technology, in 2004, it is said that there are 400 thousand enterprises for 3721 search benefit. We are not difficult to see, YAHOO provides technical support for the 3721 search, which belongs to the technical integration. In 2005, Alibaba announced the Yahoo China wholly-owned acquisitions, 3721 fell into the hands of ma. Ma Yun has invested 1 hundred million to support the 3721, but after only a year, Ma Yun announced to cut 3721 real name search business. The 3721 reason is the loss of key personnel.

Tencent and Sohu mergers and acquisitions, known as the history of the search industry since the largest merger. Although a sensation, but it is already the last news. Looking back, a careful search of the relevant media reports last year (Note: the love of Shanghai), in the future when the disclosure of details of the cooperation, Ma Huateng’s brand is soso will gradually disappear. Wang Xiaochuan’s sayings are Tencent and will be integrated in Sogou search technology and channels. When speaking distance, time has passed more than half a year. Or the soso soso, Sogou Sogou or that. The so-called integration seems to be dilatory and slow, this is definitely not the Internet Co style. It had to let us have doubts: the integration of the problem?