Shanghai Longfeng optimization of misunderstandings of small and medium sized enterprises website

did not work very impatient misunderstanding!

now hop phenomenon is very common, but in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in this industry, the phenomenon is more serious, a big reason for this phenomenon is the small and medium enterprises to optimize the work of Shanghai Longfeng understanding is not very deep, or give the staff a lot of pressure, such as allowing them to put the website the key to optimize up within a month, no matter how competitive this keyword, or is indifferent to the Shanghai dragon staff, regardless of how you optimize the workload, anyway, salary is just a bit like a department decoration only, which naturally leads to the loss of Shanghai dragon and unstable

failed! !

this is a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng make optimization problems, department leader or boss always think Shanghai Longfeng optimization was easy work, as long as writing articles and posts on the line, but Shanghai Longfeng optimization is really so simple? Of course not, now a lot of Shanghai dragon.

many small and medium-sized enterprise leadership is not the IT origin, but do not know Shanghai Dragon technology, they tend to pay more attention to the results, such as their sex Shanghai promotion, need to see the effect in a short time, and the one-sided view of Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai promotion optimization is actually not much difference, as long as the optimization of the site, you can effectively improve the clicking rate and conversion rate and the rank of the website and so on, but the different keywords often determines the difficulty of optimization, and even some keywords you again how to also have no way to optimize, once a few months do not see the effect, they tend to charge to quit Shanghai Longfeng optimization, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng optimization the effect of long time not to, then go to Shanghai on the road of love for

two: when Shanghai Longfeng optimization performance will be in three months after the

if the understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology manager, must know that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most critical to update the contents of the chain, the long-term increase, the long tail word and other types of marketing keywords through continuous optimization, slowly raise the ranking, after the long tail words different make up, the main keywords are can slowly come up! This is a long process, may be three months, also may be a year or so, if in the meantime to give up that means

is now the network marketing has become an important component of the enterprise marketing, and the most important part of the network marketing is the marketing for the search engine in this piece, because the search engine traffic often come the conversion rate is relatively high, but small and medium-sized enterprise websites mostly through the Internet to do sales. More emphasis on the conversion rate of flow of Shanghai dragon! So optimize the more value, but many enterprises are often more attention to Shanghai dragon optimization, often will enter the Shanghai dragon optimization


: Shanghai dragon optimization personnel such as iron barracks soldiers

three: small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel can not regular training