Site content first at the statistical tools or will show you the way

Of course

this is the era of big data, an exquisite precision marketing era, precision marketing is what? Rely on is not to send data to do more accurate promotion for eyes? So the data no matter what industries are very important. For we do website optimization of people that is more important, the data here suggest that every day you go to the site observation. In fact, when it comes to this website data there are many things to say, but today just want to speak a little bit with you, that is the use of data to do the content. Keywords using statistical tools inside user search come in to do the content, keywords only statistical tools inside is the real needs of users.

When you have this kind of website

once the value of the long tail keywords up, your web site does not solve and solve a lot of time but also the needs of the user rigid demand problem, then you will become unusually high weight website. It is difficult to drop the right K this reason, because if you on the site right down, these excellent content will not be available to the user, that is the search engine.

for this reason is not precise, because lead users jump out rate is too high, the search engine to know the content of your website and can not meet the real needs of users, so you can only rely on the website ranking. In fact, when the time is right for us to seize the opportunity, if we find this kind of key words, we should write an article about this article keywords. When the next search engine included this article, often your website can get very good rankings. If you do when the content is really good, can retain users, this is a great effect on your website.

using statistical tools of data in the website content is bound to need this website is a data, that is to say this is an old site, or a flow of the site. Yes, this is. Because we use data when doing the long tail keywords ranking is bound to be the old site, because a new target keywords are not even row up is not to mention the long tail keywords. We may also say that you have some statistical tools that you have to do the site keywords go up. In fact, sometimes not so, when your website weight high, and many related to your site keywords are ranking.

said this is a bit like love in Shanghai bidding broad match in my website is often found some of these conditions. In fact, the search engine more accurate results only in this method widely, unable to give the user a more precise results, in fact the results for us is very negative, because the match is not accurate in this cannot really solve the needs of users, thus making our website jump out rate is too high, can not really keep user. Once the search engine to obtain these data, it will have a negative impact on your website, so I look at some data, found a keyword ranking flow, but over a period of time will not flow and ranking.