Striker electric business circle love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking analysis

4, keyword density. I use Webmaster Tools query, seven separate sites home page keywords love Shanghai "electricity business circle" of the highest density was 8.6%, the lowest was 0.2%, the average density was 3.6%. Open the seven sites we can find the keyword "electric business circle" basically distribution is very uniform and reasonable, not piled.

1, "electricity business circle" of the word love Shanghai top several pages of the snapshot of the uniform. We often find a love Shanghai search volume, competition behind large words often appear a few home page snapshot a week away. As for "electric business circle" the race is the key, is a necessary step to ensure the update.


3, Links construction is essential, we query the external links through YAHOO tools, will find love in Shanghai home station several external links to "abnormal" strong, Hefei Shanghai dragon striker in front of about this than is the resources and contacts.

Update the

at the end of the love Shanghai really awesome, started in April 1st of the "electric business circle" contest finally something, before this love Shanghai home only two sites, second page 6 page third sites, 3 sites, once let people sigh. This update a large number of the site was finally put out the schedule after 1/3, many webmaster do in ready to sprint. The Hefei Shanghai dragon striker to analyze the "independent site business" ranking Shanghai love home, from several important sites in their excavations in Shanghai ranking factors in love.

2, the query "electric business circle" love Shanghai home of the domain name registration time, Hefei Shanghai dragon has found mostly at the end of 2010 is a registered, is registered in 2005. Perhaps love is Shanghai station group out of fear, love Shanghai to review the new period was significantly prolonged than before, so if you take the new registration site to participate in the "electric business circle" game is slightly inferior, and we find that the old domain name and registered more than 4 months of the time domain of the site and there is no absolute advantage.

finally, specially inquires love Shanghai and Google electric shopping site, found that home only two sites are the same, the others are different. Hefei Shanghai striker this dragon didn’t do contrast specific data, interested friends can go to study. With the further deepening of the race, the competition will be more intense, while preventing malicious competition is more and more important, in addition to strengthening the construction site owners of Shanghai Longfeng data, to ensure the safety of the site, such as the frequent change of website background password, FTP password and so on, to reduce the probability of the website was hacked. This paper by Hefei Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org) with links to original feeds welcome to reprint, thank you