How fast do share the high quality of the chain

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, a quick access to outside the chain of high quality


four, ask the chain and classified information

the Shanghai dragon for more than a year, now every day to keep the hair outside the chain of more than 10, many people have asked me, why do you have so many outside chain resources can be made, can put the chain method to share. I want to say is actually the chain really is inexhaustible, inexhaustible, but you have not found a way. Now I share my search for the chain method.

webmaster friends insist for a long time, the so-called "new online a month ranked.

want the website to get good rankings, it will bring us the chain is more abundant than competitors, that is to say, some competitors outside the chain, we also have the chain, he did not, we also have. Because the current YAHOO is not used, so I recommend a English query outside the chain of tools, we try to use it very powerful.

five, to competitors In summary: as long as the

like A5 high weight website published an article, because this website weight is very high, the love of Shanghai included soon, we can easily be other websites, the average published an article is reproduced to the hundreds of thousands of websites, as can be imagined this day will bring the number of the chain. Of course, some people will say, A5 audit is very strict, I made a lot of articles are not through, so much to say is that you put the draft is original or not? If the original is false, it is very difficult to pass. If the original is not approved, it is because you write articles of no practical significance or what you have written is the topic to talk about for a long time, no inspiration to readers. This of course is not up to the quality of their requirements.

link to have extensive sex, not always in one place to send the chain, a local number of links do not exceed 40. We send out a chain should be from the forum, but also from blogs, news sites, social media.

two, outside the chainThe

as I do office supplies, so I usually went to the same industry site outside the chain. For example, to do the chain navigation station some office supplies. Love Shanghai, search for "office site navigation, you can find a lot of this kind of website. In addition to the navigation station, the forum is also a good place to send the chain. We can fall in love with the sea search "inurl:bbs office", will come out a lot of the same industry forum.

now it is very difficult for us to stand and classification information on the hair of the chain, so if I can post a link on these platforms, the chain quality is high, the so-called rare, is the truth. So we recommend the daily to classified information station sent 10 messages, answering station 1.

three, outside the chain