Geeks Park singularity innovator summit approaching you can not miss the ten major pointsA little



yes, that once operation Tesla CEO eilon musk · China debut, · singularity and detonated over jet backpack and UAV wave; innovators summit again. As geeks Park Annual Scientific and technological event, singularity meeting will be landing this year, China’s capital city of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Geek who brought an unprecedented scientific and technological experience.

July 15th, 16, two days, at the Shanghai science and Technology Museum, a gathering of global technology leaders and business elite event is about to begin. At present, the agenda of the meeting have all been released, 2000+ professional attendees, 100+ global science and technology innovation of enterprise CEO, 500+ executives of listed companies, as well as representatives of hundreds of billions of industrial capital will launch various forms of "happiness" theme around the science and technology discussion.

has recently overwhelming technology report, you may have to understand Hyperloop One, which has just completed the first test of super high iron company in the United States, attracting the attention of the world, people want to get a glimpse of the plane, train, the public in the future will develop into what. The charm of scientific and technological innovation lies in the fact that the imagination will be transformed into reality. In May 12th, the first test of that day, Hyperloop One took only 2 seconds to shock the world, a 10 foot metal pry bar >


below, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this conference:

is the student students six years of junior high school and senior high school I graduated from college last year, now in the Nanchang Railway Bureau office with a higher salary, the university computer sold to earn a pot of gold this year, ready to buy a house in Nanchang. He called me to ask if I had some spare money, but he didn’t think I was mixed up right now. After we talked a lot, although his mix is good, but I did not envy nor for he must like him to buy a car before, never thought that his struggle philosophy values what is worthy of my learning place. But the details of talk, I admit that I should really learn from him in some ways, regardless of whether he had much success, but he can get the score of at least that he began to prepare for employment from a second start is laudable undertaking this vision and strategy, he opened up the two-way selection and entrepreneurship into the state-owned enterprises for their own road is worth learning. Admittedly, he really has a lot of mind, but more important is that he knows how to set strict demands on themselves, for their cruel, while others are immersed in love or campus greenhouse brotherhood game he was in various entrepreneurial employment units, each field to consult modestly to drill and painstaking research, others in college is debauch love story, his university has used his inspirational spirit to harvest a beautiful love. The same campus, different stories, the same learning environment, different future prospects, and this is what I and he is different, that is, mediocrity and outstanding distinction. He said I was to walk too many college students are the way to go: the university to enjoy all kinds of debauch idle away in seeking pleasure, romantic love story.

speaking of Tesla’s success, believe that people will think of the universal · eilon Musker, for the first time; but few people noticed, behind there is a faithful in musk and hailun hand restrained technology. Without this person, musk is likely to miss the electric car more than a decade ago, or lose the company in the toughest two years of the startup. The silent standing behind the musk man, that is, Tesla’s CTO – Straw Bell J.B. Straubel. In the year before the singularity conference, geek park brought musk to the domestic, this year, Tesla behind the technology cattle brought to China, he will attend the meeting as a guest speaker. I believe that many viewers have heard of a recent U.S. Tesla owners accident crash death, this thing makes negative voices about Tesla up, as the Tesla technology person in charge, this pot should Tesla come back, maybe JB can give the answer.

aspect 1: what’s the technical enabler behind Tesla?

aspect two: listen to super high-speed rail, Hyperloop, One technology, the core of the future traffic

do not doubt their own decisions, whether it is confident or get disheartened; don’t doubt their ability, whether it is difficult or when celebrating the success of depression; don’t doubt your determination, whether it is facing a major decision or new setbacks to retreat; to know the human potential is unlimited, as long as would you like to dig, willing to believe in yourself, you will find that your ability can always surprise. I am a typical lack of self-control, to his considerable spoil not willing to hard for their girl, because of this that I did not excel in previous study and work, no color grades and excellent work performance. Before don’t see what the big deal, until one day, and as I graduated last year graduated from junior college boys to chat with me and I found myself in the past is really too good, is not willing to put myself, will be frustrated in many aspects. Because of that conversation, I learned to do more fast in today’s job to live, I must give yourself a higher goal, to own more a little hard to strictly enforce their own work plan. Remember that "must be strict with oneself, the network promotion work, broad-minded toward others" in the future you want to give up trouble with their own to say that to be successful, it must be a little hard on yourself.