Xining City Bureau of Education Bureau 40 school units to accept the examination

days ago, Xining City Bureau of education on 33 middle school and kindergarten, special education school, a total of 40 school children’s palace 2007 units to carry out the annual work target assessment. Assessment work is divided into three major objectives of the party building assessment, leadership assessment and administrative objectives assessment.

it is understood that in the target assessment work, school principals and debriefing, on behalf of the school to report the annual work targets self-assessment completion; assessment team to do the questionnaire and individual interviews to faculty participants. It is understood that, through the assessment, the school will achieve three years of independent development plans to lay a good foundation. (author: he arrow) read more

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Xining Federation of trade unions million yuan condolences to the difficulties of workers to solve p

 , December 11th, the reporter learned from the Xining Federation of trade unions, in 2009 the city’s trade union two to send warm activity has been officially launched. They will be in January 20, 2009 before the 1 million yuan to raise timely payment to 2500 workers in difficulty.

to ensure that this year’s "warmth" funds can be timely and accurately, accurately transmitted to the difficulties in the hands of workers, trade unions held a special meeting, careful deployment, aiming at the problems exposed in the warmth in the activities of the development of the implementation plan, clearly defined including trade unions at all levels to strictly follow the principle. Condolences: units to establish trade unions, workers condolences difficulties should be as a member of the trade union, and has been incorporated into the "union assistance system" management; enterprise, community trade unions will visit list of publicity, accept the supervision of the masses of workers. Meanwhile, the Xining Federation of trade unions will continue to open 12351 during the two difficult hotline rescue workers, there is indeed difficult to meet the conditions of rescue workers and rescue workers. read more

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The regional tourism circle xiadou ring 6 3 in our province to accelerate the formation of cooperati

5 month 10 days, in order to promote the province’s tourism circle ring summer and regional tourism cooperation, tourism regional cooperation and win-win, promote regional economic development, Xining City, East Sea city, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau, and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, reached a "tourism circle" xiadou ring 6+3 "regional cooperation agreement". read more

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Xining released labor market wage guidelines

recently, human resources and Social Security Bureau announced the 2010 annual part of the job (work) labor market wage guidance, post savings bank business personnel, geological exploration engineering and technical personnel to the monthly average of 5000 yuan more than the top.


released a total of 267 jobs (occupation), covering the basic industries and jobs in our city, these types of work involved (occupation) guidance wage levels, is the human resources and social security administrative departments of enterprises and labor market survey results, reflect the actual level of a certain period of the enterprise wage distribution. Should the reference wage guidelines when recruiting the staff by the employer, considering the enterprise actual operating conditions and the labor market supply and demand situation, according to the "distribution according to work", "giving priority to efficiency and fairness, the control level of different price reasonably determine the types (occupation) wages. In addition, enterprises and workers may be based on their own conditions and possible, referring to the wage price, and actively carry out collective wage bargaining system to determine the various types of work (occupation) wage levels. read more

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Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s court decided to comprehensively promote the province’s court tri

continue to build an open, dynamic, transparent and convenient sun judicial mechanism to protect the people on trial implementation of the right to information, participation and supervision, recently, the Provincial Higher People’s Court of the "on the measures for the implementation of open trial (Trial)" and "on promoting the comprehensive programme of work of public trial courts in the province". Asked the courts to the full implementation of public hearings, the public hearing in accordance with law of criminal, civil and administrative cases, follow the principle of open, not open to exception, relying on micro-blog, WeChat and other media, web site, the video in the form of live trial platform to carry out the trial webcast on the internet. High degree of concern for the public, the larger the social impact of the legal publicity and education of the hearing, mediation and other litigation activities, but also to live webcast. read more

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Sea Lake District built next year 5 minutes convenient living circle

from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and then to 5 minutes, Sea Lake New District convenient living in amazing speed in the upgrade. In June 29th, the lake district "the future development of new business forum, deputy director of committee Li Jing, the future of the lake district to create" 5 minutes of life "plan, and major businesses and owners in the area discussed. The reporter learned that, as a large city complex have been settled and operation, 2014, leisure, entertainment, shopping, catering, accommodation, office, medical and sports education as one of the "5 minutes of life", will become an important symbol of sea lake district. read more

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Send service to poor families to send policy to send culture

Even Japan, directly under the team organs poverty alleviation poverty alleviation precise grasp the pulse, combined to carry out the "Three Zone Three" activities, take a number of measures to three delivery: delivery service, send the policy to send culture, the "Three Zone Three" activities carried out, to ensure the quality and efficiency of precise poverty.

send service to enhance the technology to become rich. SFI invited the provincial and city animal husbandry and veterinary station experts held in-depth rural planting breeding technology training, combined with the actual environment and climate characteristics of Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Ning Cun, more mountainous, as cattle, pigs, poultry, the easy answer to the farmers from the introduction, breeding, slaughter etc.. At the same time, the farmers concerned about wheat, oats, potatoes and other crops in the scientific fertilization, soil improvement, field management, pest control and other aspects of the common problems encountered for the technical guidance. Send policy, do rich understand people. By holding the village committee and the masses, members of Congress, and actively carry out the "three zone three push" propaganda activities, the central and provincial spirit of the document No. 1 and a major decision to deploy, "three zone three push" the specific content, a series of precise poverty farmers policy with propaganda, deepen understanding of the cadres and the masses in rural areas the policy. Send culture, enhance confidence. According to the "38" women’s day, organize the masses to carry out to celebrate "38" fun game activities, through the development of shuttlecock, rope, tug of war, fun bowling, singing competitions and other activities by the masses, enriched people’s life of sports culture. read more

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Zhang Jianmin meets with deputy general manager of Datang nternational Hong Shaobin and his party

6 21, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin met in Xining, Datang International Power Generation Co party members, deputy general manager of a line of Hong Shaobin.

Zhang Jianmin on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to actively fulfill the responsibility of the central enterprises Datang International Power Generation Co, Qinghai province to participate in economic and social development thanks. He pointed out that in 12th Five-Year, Qinghai achieved rapid economic and social development. "13th Five-Year" period, Qinghai will be in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, and promote economic development and social progress in a higher level, a higher level. Energy development will focus on the development of green energy, and strive to build two megawatts of renewable energy base. Datang International Power Generation Co hopes to give full play to the advantages of large energy central enterprises in the capital, technology and management, the development of renewable energy will continue to actively participate in Qinghai Province, and make greater contribution to the economic and social development in Qinghai province. read more

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The establishment of the first group of research staff in Xining City

in Xining city this year to carry out "research organization" activities, to strengthen the group research team came as a basic work, through the construction of a team of 140 people in the combination of part-time group research team, the construction of the party construction and the organization of major research organizations, to promote the long-term pattern. The research work of normalization.

group to ensure that the investigator team excellent, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued a special notice requiring all localities and departments and units of good political quality, cultural quality, work ability, work style "; combined with the annual work center and key tasks, to determine the annual research topics, and the research project will be promptly reported to the municipal Party committee the Organization Department, writing research reports, writing, discussion, participate in the comprehensive investigation report for comments and other work, strive to make research results timely transformation; establish and perfect mechanism of group research team research group information report system, the establishment of Party organizations at all levels of demands, pressure, the topic task system, establish and improve the incentive mechanism evaluation ensure that the organization of research work, long-term normalization. read more

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Soil environmental protection law included in the legislative plan

Said Wu Xiaoqing

, Vice Minister of Ministry of environmental protection 8, NPC and CPPCC at the press center held a press conference, water, air and soil pollution is the environmental protection work involves the vital interests of the people focus on efforts to solve the problem.

soil environmental protection law has been included in the legislative plan of the NPC, has formed a draft. I will work with relevant departments to further intensify efforts to speed up the legislative process, to provide better legal protection for soil environmental protection and pollution control." Wu Xiaoqing said. read more

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