Xiong Xiangyang look from the perspective of personalized search Shanghai Dragon

post over location result back, do not understand the friends can see the origin and influence factors of regional ranking, this article describes the search engine is how to deal with the characteristics of the geographical location. So the social search is mainly aimed at social media, this is the future development trend of Shanghai dragon. Social search is registered in the search engine user account and add other registered social media services, such as: Faecbook, Twitter, Sina, Sohu, returned in the search engine results page will display the relevant content from social media sites released by your friends. read more

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The website data analysis to help Shanghai Longfeng road to success

time flies, his website in half a year later appeared in the fall.

so he has always insisted on doing the recording, a few months after the website has improved, but also the corresponding flow, every day from the flow of the search engine is not too much, but he also felt relieved, after all, to see their efforts have harvest, but he did not relax, but the analysis of these flows is how to, through which pages, what are the key words to the user browsing the page is how many times, the number of which keyword search more. In the analysis, and then he everyday according to these users to search a large amount of words required by the user to write articles, or on the basis of expansion but also put these words to the class, use the EXCEL table with recorded. Once a week or a month he will rearrange the data, classification, user experience will be better. read more

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The two is love sea K station two times to recover personal experience

love Shanghai home after the December has been ranked in the home, want to say is on the home page, the station didn’t update, the article did not write, did not send the chain, in a word about all the jobs the station stopped, knows this is not conducive to the stability of website ranking, but no way, the company came on the stand more, in spite of these.

Since December

company in November last year received a main keyword is "Hefei car" station, analysis of this station, there is still a little difficulty. The site from the "0" state to love Shanghai included, spent two days, then spent one and a half months, finally do the love of Shanghai ranked second, the station ranked second only to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, from the bottom of my heart is very happy. Because at that time he was just to the company, the boss and colleagues wanted to give a good impression, so more active in work, also more sincere. read more

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Analysis on how to link back to your website


in the chain to be helpful to the website, as long as one can meet the following:

Two, improve the spider index type

entry do Shanghai dragon people will hear this sentence: the chain for the emperor, the chain is king. This is the Shanghai dragon industry eight scriptures, it can be said that as a Shanghai dragon staff, that is the two day. However, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er even the chain within the chain and the concept of role is not clear. Every day is blind, learned from the advanced experience of others, to do it on your own website, the workload is big, but has little effect. Today, I came on and you how architecture links only for their useful website. read more

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163 the Shanghai civil online collection of amazing love B

the love of Shanghai ah youa贵族宝贝, love Shanghai ah, love as Shanghai mall trading site, and the domain name is not independent, jump to the love of the two domain names in Shanghai, the amount included in the 300 thousand than the full site

is Tencent贵族宝贝, Tencent as a leader in the Internet, and you can search engine cheating! Impossible! But why 10 thousand and 5 love Shanghai included in the data.

Hello everyone, today I really not sad, love Shanghai included greatly reduced, I thought I cheated, but I really love you not what action, Shanghai this is really disappointing, at least the webmaster is a very real injured, do not stand easy! Love big brother in Shanghai do you understand that, but today I found the station too, so I have nothing to say! The following list included a name of read more

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Once the high network Shanghai dragon industry optimize the employment prospect is good

is now a lot of large enterprises have their own official website, they have seen the digital era using website to promote their products, to show their own corporate image is a very fashionable and efficient, the effect of marketing. Then, the optimization technology of Shanghai Longfeng specialized services in the industry website marketing model came into being, Shanghai Longfeng optimize marketing management talent becomes more and more popular.

more please visit: Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu.cn reprint please indicate. read more

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Love is to experience Shanghai transcoding or ruin Shanghai Dragon

actually destroyed the mobile phone station of Shanghai dragon


love Shanghai transcoding methodThe

today, after using a mobile phone to search my site in Shanghai found that the site by love transcoding into mobile phone station, I wonder why the mobile phone station to turn into love Shanghai mobile phone station? Recall FAQs highlights mobile website about love Shanghai official, I was unable to identify the Shanghai love machine responsive site, I was in search of other sites, found that such a situation is many, and they all have their own mobile phone station turned into love Shanghai read more

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The site was DDoS attacks

later, the site has been in a state of intermittent, until I record down, for a friend of the server, 8 nuclear attack, the more crazy, CPU is about 50%, the attack a few days back as no below, and here >

!The server security dog also installed

has always been a man, the construction site is very simple, or empty CMS a website or not Taobao directly buy ready-made, or to copy a, the server is also the cheapest VPS 68 yuan a month, the station has no what problem, until last Monday, because several keywords ranking is good, the admiration of colleagues or people of the jealousy and hatred, began to attack DDoS, they are a direct attack on the domain name www.xxxxx贵族宝贝, as long as my binding domain which server to IIS, the IIS CPU immediately use 100%, resulting in all sites on VPS are not visit such attacks! The purpose is self-evident, is to fall under the guise of ranking read more

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The London Olympic Games and network marketing

Olympic Games really cheating, some time ago someone said that on the Internet, the network is developed, can show more, staying up late at night and daytime overtime Championship NBA finals, primetime and athletics grand prix of the diamond, all kinds of wonderful, all kinds of promotion, propaganda, let your feelings difficult to extricate themselves, the game is really nice, a do not want to miss, so the Olympic Games is the sports adult paradise, sports fans feast. Therefore, advertising is everywhere, so from this point, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team the right words. read more

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The site was K a reason to come and see you in what way

Reason five: site >

algorithm to love Shanghai, now the webmaster want to do a good website can be difficult, especially in the last year and this year in Shanghai has been a big move, I believe many of my friends with Xiao Bian as his site basically has been in love with the sea K light, although sad but, what can you do about it, or to fight, or to do, so can only do is to analyze the reasons, not to make the same mistake mistake, here are some small experience in the analysis summary, I hope you can help. read more

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Virtual son rain three months target keywords love Shanghai home experience

C, love Shanghai more adjustment in the three months before the fact, there is a period of time several keywords are on the home page, I stood still did not escape the love Shanghai adjustment, slowly put out some time ago. The first 5.20, then 6.28, most recently the outbreak of solar storms, see love Shanghai himself toss like personal kind ah, for our webmaster is even more difficult.

many people asked me what is the secret of Shanghai dragon, in fact, let me really answer, the trick is certainly not, if I want to cheat you still can say some tricks, but these tips are those methods we use, but I probably spend more time and energy to executive. The following specific talk about how I was within three months of the first page of the key words. read more

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The mighty after a new understanding of wide distribution chain

5, the chain of various

platform for multi platform, also should be diversified. When the chain is not all related to the platform, also is not all high weight or weight of the platform, to various weights in various industries, the platform must be involved, there is a reasonable distribution. Sampling to explain your website is widely supported.

The absolute number of

in the chain wide net is to pay attention to strategy, structure and quantity must be considered. Only planning well outside the chain to battle " read more

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The revision in the weight down how to deal with it

website is inevitable, of course, the website will not completely opposite is bad, it can greatly increase the content and structure of the quality of user experience, website optimization.

4, one-time do website, than you every time a much stronger action. There is a revision of the best time to active period low in the search engine, this will help you gain time in the first moment problem can be modified, but also reduce the impact on the site.


site after a period of time after the operation, will encounter a variety of problems need to be revised, for example: the website not technology is old, the website structure layout is not suitable for search engine spiders crawling access etc.. So there are a lot of people worry that the website will not have what complications, such as: change, love Shanghai website website index changes and website weight change and so on, will make your website from cloud top to waterfalls. How about making Beijing site to prevent these problems. read more

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The hospital nine misunderstandings in website optimization summary


The importance of

analysis is a very important link, if the keyword selection error, will lead to the overall situation of the site have been seriously affected. For example, will lead to the site’s ranking has not been very good, the investment and income is not a comparison, the cause of these phenomena is the choice of keywords problem.

Collecting a large number of articles

5. a large number of repeated page title

website to make the pursuit of beauty keywordKeywords

to some new people can avoid making mistakes in the optimization of the hospital website, I highlighted the following aspects. read more

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The website user experience Optimization

2. website content conforms to the Title Description


examples, this is just an article with title. There are some articles by the editors in the Internet to find some of this article, and then any minor changes, what keywords you change, the content of Dongping West together, cater to the search engine of the original, but this article is not readable. Hospital name, often the experts and so on, but in fact these are not experts to write articles. The user may go after look confused, is likely to mislead patients. In fact, the content of the website is really not necessary to the original and the original, the original is necessary, reprint is icing on the cake. This is seen in Lu Songsong’s blog in. In fact, this sentence is very good, look at the high weight news website, do they have the original so high? Most of them are reproduced, only a part of their own, but the practical content, users browse more love. Look at the very high weight blog you didn’t find the moonlight, most of his articles also reproduced? But is still high weight, where to? That is the very attractive, also. read more

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Why is the barometer of the weights of the website snapshot

snapshot or not updated frequently, the reaction is a fact and a trend. The fact is, the snapshot is updated frequently during this time, the website quality is continuously improved, whether this improvement is increased from the original content or links to resources construction; this trend is, if in accordance with the present measures, constantly optimize the website constantly enrich website, website weight will gradually be improved, and the optimization the operation method has been recognized by the search engine. At this time, you may no longer wonder why some website snapshot updates very frequently, but the ranking is not ideal. Some sites, although the snapshot has been a long time no more. read more

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The old love Shanghai Encyclopedia unextend reading

in general, sex Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Longfeng Er generally has two purposes:

believe that love Shanghai will have many adjustments, but no matter how old, still believe that love Shanghai’s aim is to make the best site recommended to the search results page, in order to improve the user experience of love Shanghai, we still do webmaster website internal quality is the most important.


from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon old address: 贵族宝贝qianjiangjiang.cn/ please indicate the read more

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shlf1314 Adsense League K number after the choiceNet worth from 0 to 10 billion she only used 2 yea

, thank you!

and before, Hu Weiwei completed the v-mobile bike to get $215 million D round of financing, equity financing in this round of financing of the Communist Party of China, about 1 billion 500 million yuan.

35 to 45 years old, for a woman, is the best 10 years of life. Before that, women grew from a shy little girl to a woman, most of whom finished their marriage and children, and the next 10 years were the best golden age for women to work, and must never waste their lives again.

, a female reporter how to counter attack, became the head of ten billion company read more

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See WeWork for young entrepreneurs to build the dormitory WeLive almost to the minute bagSummarize s

besides, if your interpersonal skills are better, you can use your connections to connect businesses, companies, employees, etc. on the internet. A month to do a single, you earn big, general enterprises are relatively rich, relatively rich. Previously, a friend, inadvertently contact business, earned more than 10 thousand commission. However, this kind of good thing I can not see, after all, I almost contacts, if who has good connections, come to me to play, and occasionally give me a little money, what drops, hee hee…… read more

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Blogging earns 100 dollars a monthHDwiki Union launched advertising business promotion alliance web

HDwiki encyclopedia alliance introduction:

sells 6 125×, 125 Banner ads, and a month’s price of $$5, so you’ll have $30 dollars in earnings.

2. 125× 125 banner ad

a few days ago to see an interesting article in the Lazy Way To Sell Your Site For $1000 in CashQuests in the most simple way to sell lazy $1000 dollars to your website, usually website mentioned in this article will be ten times the monthly income for you this is how to calculate the price? I do not sell off the site so, as long as you earn $100 dollars to sell your website for $$1000 there is such a good thing? Now the station last month to earn $$300, is not someone with $3000 dollars!?. read more

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